Welcome to Django Packages’ Documentation!

Django Packages solves the problem in the programming community of being able to easily identify good apps, frameworks, and packages. Ever want to know which is the most popular or well supported Python httplib replacement, web framework, or API tool? Django Packages solves that problem for you!

Django Packages stores information on packages fetched from public APIs provided by PyPI, GitHub, and BitBucket, then provides extremely useful comparison tools for them.

Info for New Contributors

Do you want to contribute to making djangopackages.org better? Here’s how to get started:

  1. Follow the installation instructions to get the website running on your laptop or other computer.

  2. Follow the contributing instructions to make your first contribution easy for us to accept.


The Story

Daniel and Audrey Roy Greenfeld created Django Packages for Django Dash 2010. This project was originally code-named “Scared of Rabbits” because there were tons of rabbits living in the backyard on the Lawrence, Kansas prairie, and we were scared of them. Actually, that’s not really true: the rabbits were cute.

Django Dash 2010 was also where Read the Docs was created. Daniel and Audrey took a break from coding in their fancy and weird glass prairie rental house to meet the Read the Docs team in the basement of the Lawrence Journal-World office. Actually, it might have been the first floor. All Audrey remembers is that it was dark and cold like a basement, but with carpet. Or maybe there wasn’t carpet. (Audrey checked the Read the Docs story, but it doesn’t have details on that.)

Since then the project has had many [contributors]. Daniel and Audrey have run numerous open-source sprints over the years to work on it. The code has grown organically in fun and unexpected ways.

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