How did Django Packages get started?

  • In 2010 We realized there was no effective method for finding apps in the Django community.

  • After launch we realized it might be good to use the same software system for other package sets.

Are there any Case Studies?

How can I contribute?

Read the page on contributions.

How can I add a listing for a new Package or an entirely new Grid?

What browsers does Django Packages support?

We do formal tests on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

How hard is it to add support for a new repo?

We’ve done a lot of work to make it as straightforward as possible. At PyCon 2011 we launched our formal Repo Handler API.

Supported Repo Hosting Services

Django Packages supports

The effort to support databases besides PostGreSQL was hampered for long time, all caused by a third party package we’re not going to identify that caused grief in the use of fixtures. This was a significant issue in Django Packages, and used up a lot of development cycles.

We use a Mock system of creating sample data in our tests and for running a development version of the site. To create some development data, just run:

docker-compose run --rm django python manage.py load_dev_data

Alternatively, you can use just

just management-command load_dev_data

Unsupported Repo Hosting Services

Django Packages supports GitHub and BitBucket. Here is some information about other repo hosting services.